Friday, January 25, 2013

7 Foods for 7 Habits: A Step by Step Guide to the Mystic Meal and Life's Journey

This coming Thursday will be Tu B'Shevat (the 15 of the month of Shevat,) which is the Jewish New Year for Trees.

At least that's the explanation they give on Wikipedia.  It doesn't seem to mean much though.

Why do trees need a New Year?  So the Oaks can hold a party and make resolutions? So the Redwoods can commit to standing tall?  Or the Lemon Trees to filing their taxes?

Not quite.  Practically, this is the season in which trees wake from their winter hibernation and sprout their first blossoms.  And legally, the new year has to do with tithes that were separated from produce grown in the Holy Land.*

But the holiday is so replete with meaning that if I could, I'd re-brand Tu B'Shevat as "the Kabbalah Holiday."  This date may seem minor compared with other holidays on the calendar (and the amount of menu-planning involved for you).  But Tu B'Shevat  is MAJOR in terms of mystical significance.

If you want to turn this weekend from a regular one into something really special, infused with the spirit of Tu B'Shevat, I have a treat for you.

In conjunction with JLI, I made a video about the connection between the 7 Species of the Land of Israel and a 7-stage plan for spiritual growth.  In fact, this lesson of the 7 foods is one of the numerous mystical backdrops for my coaching system and Method for Self Mastery.  I've had many requests to see that video again so here it is.  I hope you enjoy.

I also designed a chart explaining the significance of the 7 Foods for you to print out and enjoy.  To view or print the chart, click here.

Happy Tree New Year!



PS. This Wednesday we're completing the first year of The Method for Self Mastery.  It has been a remarkable year.  Thank you to all the participants.  I am beyond honored to have shared the journey.  Take a peek at the testimonials from a recent Mastermind.

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