Sunday, January 6, 2013

This marriage thing is my one big failure

How many people do you know who'd (albeit tacitly) agree that their lives are on track - except for their romantic relationship.  They may be happy with their career (or at least feel they're on the ladder to success;) work out; eat right; have even managed to kick a bad habit.


The marriage thing eludes them.  Either they're still looking for love or are in the relationship they thought would deliver happiness only to find themselves alone or lonely in love.  And for those who do say, "I'm happy," the happiness is often simply a state of relief that they're not in despair?

I'd venture to say that, "This marriage thing is my one big failure" is a phrase many of us can relate to.

With that in mind, I've created Gender Blender, a 3-part teleseminar to help you debunk your relationship myths and access the happiness that is available to you.  

Interested?  You can visit my website to listen to a couple of interviews with me on dating, love, marriage and intimacy.

Ready to call in your Soul Mate?  To jumpstart your relationship?

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I look forward to meeting you on the call.


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Elizabeth J. Neal said...

Healing your marriage without a therapist has its rewards. But where do I begin? What do I work on? What will save my marriage? save my marriage